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Spotless Windows

It often gets overlooked, but sparkling clean windows can make a big difference in how your house looks, both inside and out. Whether you're selling your home or just want it to look its best, here are a few tips from our real estate agents on making your windows dirt-free and crystal clear.

  • Choose the Right Weather
    It may seem counterintuitive, but you actually don't want to wash your windows on a beautiful sunny day, as the heat and direct sunlight will dry the cleaning solution before you can remove the streaks. Instead, choose an overcast day with no chance of precipitation to wreck your hard work.

  • Lose the Paper Towels
    The first tip the pros will give you is to stop using paper towels. Paper towels tend to disintegrate while you wipe, causing fibers to get stuck to the window. Plus, a lot of paper products are made with softening agents, which will leave a haze on your windows. Instead, use a clean microfiber towel.

  • Clean From Top to Bottom
    Always start at the top of the window and work your way down. Working side to side will also help to prevent you from having to redo any sections. Wipe all the way across before continuing on down to the next section.

  • Avoid Wiping in Circles
    It's tempting to wipe in a circular motion, but while this is usually a good way to clean, for windows, it's best to wipe side to side. That circular motion may be good for scrubbing, but it also generates static electricity, which will attract dust to your freshly cleaned window. Another option is to use an up and down motion, but since you're cleaning top to bottom and side to side, wiping back and forth makes more sense.

  • Wash the Outsides
    It's easy to forget that windows have two sides. You may get all the insides of the windows clean and think you're done, but for the windows to look truly clear, it's important to do both sides. 

  • Don't Forget the Screens
    While you're washing the outsides of your windows, be sure to get the screens as well. Dirty screens can detract from a view just as easily as dirty glass. Remove the screen so you can wash the window behind it, then wash the screen with the same cleaning solution as you're using on the outsides of the windows. Once the screen is dry, you can put it back in place.

  • Clean Your Windows Often
    The more often you clean them, the faster and easier the job will be. This is especially true of the outsides, which ironically are more often to be forgotten about and seldom cleaned. The outsides of the windows can get dirty quite quickly, though, so you'll notice that when it matters, frequent cleanings are best. For instance, Richmond homes for sale often have the windows cleaned regularly to keep them showing ready. Fortunately, if you clean the outsides more often, there will be less dirt accumulated each time you clean.

As the seasons start to change, it's more important than ever to get natural light into your home, especially if you're getting it ready for the market! For more tips on cleaning your home to get it ready to sell, contact us today.

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